Meade’s Series 6000 APOs have received rave reviews since their launch. These are some of the best crafted refractors on the market. Each refractor is individually constructed and tested to ensure that it meets high standards, both optically and mechanically.

These telescopes were built with the observer and imager in mind. With the three-element optical design using the highest grade extra-low dispersion optical glass, false color is virtually eliminated, yielding astonishing color correction, contrast, and sharpness.

For crisp wide-field observing and imaging, nothing can be a true three-element apochromatic refractor (APO). Meade’s Series 6000 ED APO Triplets are among the finest available optically at any price.

Check out the Sky & Telescope Test Report by Rod Mollise on Meade’s Series 6000 115mm APO.

 “What’s the best compliment I can give the Meade Series 6000 115mm ED Triplet APO refractor? […] While there’s no such thing as an all-purpose telescope, this excellent instrument was as close to that as any telescope I’ve used in a long time.”