SolarMax II Solar Telescopes



Coronado SolarMax III 70mm & 90mm Hydrogen – alpha Solar Telescopes!

The incredible Coronado SolarMax II series telescopes, by Meade, are the largest H-alpha (Ha) telescope ever to be mass-produced and are now available with the patented RichView tuning system. The revolutionary RichView™ tuning method, built into every new Coronado SolarMax II brings solar viewing to a new level. Now you can zero in on the most precise wavelength of light for each area on either side of the hydrogen-alpha (Ha) band for the highest contrast views of active regions, flares, filaments and other surface features – or quickly retune for spectacular images of prominences on the solar limb. No other commercially available Ha telescope provides the tuning range and accuracy of the SolarMax II.

Used around the world by serious solar enthusiasts and professional research facilities alike for observation of surface detail and prominences on the Sun in hydrogen-alpha (Ha) light. Powerful but very portable, this high resolution Solar Telescope offers dedicated visual observation of the Sun as well as high quality imaging.


PC: Jason Ware (SolarMax II 90mm)


PC: Stephan Ramsden (SolarMax II 90 DS)


PC: Pete Williamson (SolarMax II 90mm)


PC: Giorgio Albarello (SolarMax II 60mm DS)

Meade’s Coronado SolarMax II Solar Telescopes with RichView are the ultimate in solar observation.

PC: Jason Ware (SolarMax II 90mm and LPI-G Advanced)